The Different Types of Tree Diseases you need to Know About

If you are fond of taking care of the trees in your backyard or garden then you must know about the different types of tree diseases so that you can ensure their proper and healthy growth. Some of the common tree diseases are briefly discussed here under for your guidance.

Fire blight

tree leaves with fire bright disease

The parts of the branches of trees and shrubs look like baked in fire. Some of the leaves and blossoms suddenly turn into black or brown in color. It is normally caused by certain active bacteria in moist and warm weather. This infection is spread through rain or bees. The infected hanging twigs look like soaked in water eve if they are dry and dark in color. This infection appears at different parts of the tree to look like flag of its dead branches. It can be controlled by trimming infected branches nearly 12 inch away from the discoloration and destroying them effectively. The tools used in trimming the tree should be disinfected after every use. Excessive use of Nitrogen fertilizer should be avoided in early summer and spring season as it can increase the risk of this infection due to growth of moisture on the body of the tree.

Leaf rust

leaf rust tree infections

This disease causes gold, reddish or orange colored rust like rupturing spots on the surface of the leaves. Though it weakens the plant and make the leaves look ugly due to obstruction in photosynthesis but it rarely kills the infected plants. The discolored leaves have powdery fungus which can be scrapped off but it cannot prevent the distortion and twisting of the leaves. Infected leaves and twigs drop after drying. This fungus is rarely controlled as it is not harmful for the trees. If possible you can remove infected leaves and destroy them. You can also use certain fungicide to control this tree disease. If you have any more questions on the different types if tree diseases you can visit us here



It is a kind of bacterial or fungal infection caused by a various types of insects which appears on various parts of the tree in the form of ugly build-ups of various sizes ranging from 1/8th inch on leaves to massive lumps on trunk of the tree. It makes the tree look odd due to swollen growths on its trunk, leaves and shoots. It is hard to treat this disease as it is not easy to determine its cause. You can consult a profession tree care service to know more in this regard.

Powdery mildew

A powdery white coating appears on the surface

Powdery mildew on Maple tree

of leaves of the trees during cloudy, humid as well as dry weather conditions, due to this disease. It is a kind of fungal infection that affects mainly the plants grown in shaded areas. Leaves covered with this white powdery substance get distorted and drop after turning into red or yellow in color. On these white patched tiny black dots also appear in late fall. In order to control this disease you should choose varieties that can resist this problem while planting new shrubs and trees. Lilacs, crape myrtles and crab apples, are some of the plants that are more prone to this disease.