Cutting Down A Tree Near A House

If you have a large tree that is near your home, and you need to cut it down, this can pose a significant problem. For example, you might be in an area where there is not enough room for the tree to simply fall without striking somebody else’s fence including your own. In addition to this, the tree may not fall properly due to the way it is growing, perhaps leaning one direction or the other. Here are a few tips to make sure that your tree comes down without taking out any part of your house or your property.

Start From The Top

You can start from the top of the tree and work down. This is what most professionals will do when they are limited in regard to space. They still need to notch the tree on the side that they wanted to fall, away from the house every time they take off a big chunk. By the time they get to the bottom, the property will be fine, and the tree will be in manageable pieces. This is how you can do this, but if you do have enough room, there is a way to fall the tree without hitting the home by taking it down in one piece.

How To Properly Fall A Tree

You can follow tree very easily by first determining which way the tree is leaning. If it is leaning toward the house, then this will probably not be an option. However, if it is straight up and down, or if it is leaning slightly away from your home, you can notch the tree on the side that you want to have it fall. This requires you to take out a piece of the tree, similar to a small triangle. Some people refer to it as a wedge, but regardless of its name, it is necessary to give the tree the necessary momentum. Once you make the cut above the notch on the other side, that missing piece will begin to force the tree to fall to the ground. If this is done properly, it’s easy to direct a tree when you are cutting it down.

Contact A Local Arborist To Help You

You can also find a local arborist that will be able to help you. They can bring out their crew which can take the tree down for you. These are professionals that will likely have many years of experience. This will prevent any unnecessary damage happening to your home.

Whether you decide to do this on your own, or if you hire a professional, you now know how the process will occur. It will either come down and pieces, or it will be cut down into one piece and divided up once it is on the ground. It’s always good to remove dangerous trees that are close to your home which could later lead to problems. Using these tips, you will be able to use these tips, or hire a professional, to take out any tree in the safest way possible.